Brad Komenda

From the first conversation I had with Paul, I was instilled with a confidence that Otis had the ability to understand our complex project and take a realistic approach that was lacking in the other builders we contacted.  The level of effort and detail put into the project at a very early stage was critical to setting reasonable expectations and gave us a high level of confidence that Otis was the best builder for us.  Precise building details were worked through long before a shovel was ever turned to assure that building could achieve the best possible result. 

Throughout the project the responsiveness and level of organization at Otis, from the details of the project to the breakdown of the invoicing, was top quality.  Otis took the initiative in every challenge and quickly pulled together the necessary resources to propose a solution, which included coordination with trades, the engineer, and the architect, with a focus on achieving the best possible outcomes that kept to plan but also focused on controlling costs.  Otis really focused on executing the plan as opposed to interpreting the plan, which we believe was critical in retaining the architectural integrity through the building process.  The level of organization and professionalism Otis brings to the table held true throughout the duration of the project, from the initial discussions through to project completion, which is why we would unreservedly recommend Otis Construction.

Fred Lipper’s vast experience and natural problem solving mentality really helped us form a good partnership, as he was always able to offer his experience to clearly present alternatives and trade-offs to the inevitable challenges that arise when building a custom house.   There is a saying “integrity is what you do when no one is watching” and we feel that this statement represents well how we feel Fred treated our project.

—Brad Komenda

Julie LessegComment