Beautifully Built

Since 1996

we’ve collaborated with homeowners and their architects and interior designers on some of Portland’s most beautiful and innovative homes. Our attention to detail is evident in the quality of our craftsmanship, but it originates in a company culture that values clarity, accountability, and efficiency.  From our estimating to our timeline management and information sharing, every aspect of our operation is constantly subject to process improvement – always with the goal of providing lasting value and a positive construction experience for our clients.



Selecting a contractor during the design and planning stage can be essential to the success of a project.

Otis’ pre-construction services include:

Cost estimates and project timelines
Q&A logs started in pre-construction and maintained throughout the project to track all decisions and action items.
Experience-based value engineering

For projects requiring design services, we provide appropriate architect and interior designer recommendations.



If an architect can design a house, we can build it. We’re comfortable with both traditional and modern detailing; graceful millwork and clean planes inspire us equally.

Otis' construction services include:

Cost control
Timeline management
Maintenance of a comprehensive Q&A log to track RFIs, meeting notes, and action items
Positive neighbor relations
Safe, secure, tidy job site
Dedicated project supervisor for larger projects
Creation of an Owner’s Manual at project completion


Home Maintenance

We provide maintenance, repair, and small projects services for our clients.

Otis' home maintenance services include:

Small renovations and repairs
Seismic retrofitting
Roof and deck cleaning and maintenance
Fence and gate fit / finish maintenance
Art installation
Weatherizing for winter

Our Team

Paul Steiner

Misha Meshenuk
Project Supervisor

Sean Houghtaling
Project Supervisor

James Oellrich
Lead Carpenter/Estimator

Andrew Friedman
Project Supervisor

Dan Nickel
Project Supervisor

Joon Namgung

Christian Haden

Darius Navi

Randy Gilbert
Office Manager

Caleb Osborn

Dave Muzio
Operations Manager

Nick Chully