Jon Greeney

It's a tough decision choosing a builder.  I ended up choosing OTIS because, aside from the unbelievable quality of the product I was shown, they had the best recommendations from past clients when I was comparing references with other builders.  I was shocked at how enthusiastic past clients spoke about OTIS.  I kept hearing the same descriptive phrases about OTIS... "Outstanding quality", "Honest", "Fair", even phrases like "This is what the building experience should be like".  But most importantly, I kept hearing past clients say things like "When there is a bump in the road or a glitch, you will be treated as fairly as possible".  This was the most important thing for me to hear because, let's be honest, construction comes with glitches and problems.... they are unavoidable..... but the key to a good contractor is WHEN those glitches happen, HOW are you treated?  After working with Paul and Lyle for close to a year now I can say that every bump in the road has been met with the utmost fairness.  I couldn't be happier with how I've been treated by OTIS.  Now I'm going to be the one saying "This is what the building experience should be like"!!!

—Jon Greeney

Julie LessegComment