Otis Construction is a Portland-based general contractor specializing in high-end New Homes and RESIDENTIAL remodels.

Since 1996, we’ve collaborated with homeowners and their architects and interior designers on some of Portland’s most beautiful and innovative homes. Our attention to detail is unparalleled.  It’s evident in the quality of our craftsmanship, but it originates in a company culture that values clarity, accountability, and efficiency.  From our estimating to our timeline management and information sharing, every aspect of our operation is constantly subject to process improvement – always with the goal of providing lasting value and a positive construction experience for our clients.






Our People

Paul Steiner

Paul Steiner is the founder and principal owner of Otis Construction. After receiving a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Tulane University, he worked as a model builder and carpenter in NYC for several years in the interest of becoming a better architect. Unexpectedly, he found his niche working alongside architects, rather than as one.

“I founded Otis as a company I’d want to hire if I were a homeowner, and work for if I were a craftsman or project manager. Our employees, subcontractors and vendors are by far the best in the industry. We're a team of proactive problem solvers who consistently base decisions on what's best for our clients and their projects."

Misha Meshenuk
Project Supervisor

A tinkerer and problem solver by nature, Misha has been a carpenter his entire life. He was a seasoned project supervisor when he joined Otis Construction in 1997, and has since had a hand in most of the larger, more complex projects we've built. Precise, conscientious craftsmanship is evident in all of Misha’s work. Architects and clients frequently recommend him for his positive attitude, thoughtful demeanor, uncanny problem solving abilities, and his hands-on approach to every aspect of his work.

“Coming from the craftsman end of construction, work in the field is my first love. Of all the things I appreciate about working for Otis Construction, the pursuit of a high level of quality is probably the most important. There is a rewarding feeling when the designers and clients both love our execution of their vision. Our projects vary in size and design, but they all benefit from a common Otis core value of quality at all levels.”

Sean Houghtaling
Project Supervisor

When Sean joined Otis as a laborer in 2000 while studying engineering and architecture, his potential as a supervisor was immediately apparent. After several years as an apprentice and carpenter under our senior project supervisors, he had learned enough about construction, logistics, and management to oversee projects, himself. Since 2005, Sean has managed a vast array of remodels and has effectively served some of our most demanding homeowners with his calm demeanor and methodical efficiency.

“I knew Otis was right for me the day I started working here, because the crew's careful attention to detail was consistent with values taught to me by my father. Since that day, I have enjoyed working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and assist in the development and implementation of creative solutions to make their projects successful. I find it immensely rewarding to know that I have an important part in the process of building beautiful homes that are one-of-a-kind and perfectly suited to their owners."

Larisa Eichacker
Project Coordinator

Larisa is a former aeronautical engineer who brings clear-minded efficiency and precision to all the work she does at Otis. Formerly our Office Manager, she recently moved into the role of Project Coordinator, where she now oversees all project finances, timelines, and material order fulfillment.

“My job as Project Coordinator is to convert fixture specifications into fulfilled orders and to manage and analyze project financials. What I enjoy most is making order out of raw information, which helps the supervisors do their best work and gives our clients peace of mind throughout their projects.”

Fred Lipper
Project Supervisor

Fred started working as a carpenter in Portland in 1978, and has been in high-end residential construction ever since. In 2002, when his previous employer retired, Fred polled his sub-contractors and suppliers for contractor recommendations, and Otis became the new home for his construction, management, organizational, and interpersonal skills. Fred is known and respected by clients, subcontractors, and building inspectors for the depth of his knowledge and for his patience and competence at facilitating the best possible construction experience for everyone involved in his projects.

“Dedication to excellence, commitment to highest quality work, loyalty to clients, fairness in business - these are a few of the reasons I’ve been with Otis Construction for 13 years."



Cary Strauch

I want to thank you and your crew for another Otis remodel project that was completed on time and on budget.  It was a pleasure working with Sean who was continually communicative and who orchestrated a smooth day to day set up.

As always, I appreciate the detailed schedule outlining the tasks, timeline and subs involved as well as the service work order complete with estimated costs and specific crew involved.  Your subs arrived on time and completed the work within the time frame given.  Yahoo!

Pammie and Fritz Hummelt

We chose Otis Construction for the quality of their work, their integrity, their ability to provide pre-construction services predicting real project costs, and because of their earnestness and enthusiasm for our project.  We will choose them again and again. Otis Construction distinguishes themselves by the quality of their work, their fairness, their ability to communicate, and their respect for the owner and all the trades participating in the construction project. It was when the roof was off one-third of the house that we realized how vulnerable an owner is, and how fortunate we were to have a contractor we trusted, who could put it all back together if we gave up.

Jon Greeney

It's a tough decision choosing a builder.  I ended up choosing OTIS because, aside from the unbelievable quality of product I was shown, they had the best recommendations from past clients when I was comparing references with other builders.  I was shocked at how enthusiastic past clients spoke about OTIS.  I kept hearing the same descriptive phrases about OTIS... "Outstanding quality", "Honest", "Fair", even phrases like "This is what the building experience should be like".  But most importantly, I kept hearing past clients say things like "When there is a bump in the road or a glitch, you will be treated as fairly as possible".  This was the most important thing for me to hear because, let's be honest, construction comes with glitches and problems.... they are unavoidable..... but the key to a good contractor is WHEN those glitches happen, HOW are you treated?  After working with Paul and Lyle for close to a year now I can say that every bump in the road has been met with the utmost fairness.  I couldn't be happier with how I've been treated by OTIS.  Now I'm going to be the one saying "This is what the building experience should be like"!!!

Lisa Handley

I love working with Otis Construction, and this feeling is true for many of their clients – we are all repeat customers! This is because the quality of their work and attention to detail is unparalleled. Even more important is the transparency and integrity with which they approach the project, budget, timeline, and client – it is a very reassuring and refreshing approach. I cannot recommend Otis Construction highly enough.

Gaye Richardson

Two years ago Otis Construction remodeled our Roscoe Hemenway home. We chose to do a sensitive restoration that focused on the infrastructure, saving the architectural details but making the house fit our needs today. Working with Sean and Paul, the house was transformed.  Many decisions were required and Sean graciously allowed us to research the details so they were architecturally accurate.  Throughout the process our relationship with Otis was paramount.  We were never asked to settle for anything less than excellence. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Otis for any future needs.  The bids from other contractors were very close but we made the right choice, based on people, process and outcome.

Brian MacLean Dynamic Architectural Windows and Doors

Dynamic is North America's largest custom window and door manufacturer and we work with almost every builder and architect in the luxury residential market. We consider Otis Construction to be among the most detail-orientated, organized, efficient, "team players" in the industry. They communicate clearly and work carefully with suppliers to translate the architect's and home owner's vision into reality. We are proud to work with their organization on any project.


As Sheila, the girls and I settle back into our “new” home, we can’t help but sing your praises. All of the planning worked out great because of how well you executed the plan. Thank you for working tirelessly on our behalf – it shows!


Karl Jensen Owner, West Side Electric  

West Side Electric Co. has worked with Otis Construction since 1997.  My company, like Otis Construction, specializes in very high end residential new construction and remodel.  In our 54 years of existence we have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with the best and most well-known builders in the Portland area, past and present.  As good as those builders were and are, none exceed Otis Construction for quality of construction, conscientiousness, project management and scheduling, and overall execution of a project.  If I were building a house I would personally use Otis Construction for my project.

Dean & Kathy Dordevic

Otis does several things that I think are very important and certainly worth noting.  They approach every job like a commercial project.  There is nothing left to chance.  Nothing is done “on-the-fly”.  Everything is documented. Otis will get several bids from each trade, and believe me, this will make a difference.  Their attitude, and more importantly their willingness to work this process was very much appreciated. This was not a “chore”, and they frequently would point out where they thought a bid was unreasonable.

Brad Komenda

From the first conversation I had with Paul, I was instilled with a confidence that Otis had the ability to understand our complex project and take a realistic approach that was lacking in the other builders we contacted.  The level of effort and detail put into the project at a very early stage was critical to setting reasonable expectations and gave us a high level of confidence that Otis was the best builder for us.  Precise building details were worked through long before a shovel was ever turned to assure that building could achieve the best possible result. 

Throughout the project the responsiveness and level of organization at Otis, from the details of the project to the breakdown of the invoicing, was top quality.  Otis took the initiative in every challenge and quickly pulled together the necessary resources to propose a solution, which included coordination with trades, the engineer, and the architect, with a focus on achieving the best possible outcomes that kept to plan but also focused on controlling costs.  Otis really focused on executing the plan as opposed to interpreting the plan, which we believe was critical in retaining the architectural integrity through the building process.  The level of organization and professionalism Otis brings to the table held true throughout the duration of the project, from the initial discussions through to project completion, which is why we would unreservedly recommend Otis Construction.

Fred Lipper’s vast experience and natural problem solving mentality really helped us form a good partnership, as he was always able to offer his experience to clearly present alternatives and trade-offs to the inevitable challenges that arise when building a custom house.   There is a saying “integrity is what you do when no one is watching” and we feel that this statement represents well how we feel Fred treated our project. 


Our experience with Otis construction was excellent. The entire process from initial meeting to finish was extremely timely and professional. Our project supervisor, Sean Houghtaling, was nothing short of amazing. His ability to communicate, attention to detail and show constant respect for the Hale family was remarkable. In the end the remodel exceeded all expectations and I can't imagine working with a better construction company.


I have worked with many contractors over the years, and Otis Construction has been superior to them all.  Paul gives comprehensive, accurate bids (this was of paramount significance in my choice of contractors), is patient with those who don’t understand the ins and outs of construction, and is knowledgeable and trustworthy. Misha, our project supervisor, took exceptional care of us and poured his heart into his work. I can say, without doubt, that anyone who has the pleasure of working with Otis will be extremely satisfied with the results. 


To build our home required a sophisticated contractor with a strong financial footing and top-notch subs. We never had a concern about Otis Construction's abilities, but what we appreciated most was that they were able to complete the project on time even though we added a swimming pool halfway through!



remodels, new homes, and light commercial construction since 1996.



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  • competitive pay
  • accrued paid sick leave and paid time off
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  • five paid holidays
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  • flexible time-off scheduling


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